Local Participation Practice Guidelines – Sligo Leitrim CYPSC

In 2016, the Sligo Leitrim CYPSC ‘Education/School Age Childcare’ Working Group and the ‘Early Years’ Working Group came together to develop a “Youth Participation Lab” and successfully sourced funding under the Tusla Seed Funding for Participatory Practice Initiatives.  The role is now the responsibility of the CYPSC ‘Connected, Respected and Contributing to their World’ Working Group. The thrust of this project was to enable consultation with children and young people in Sligo and Leitrim to ensure their voices are heard in relation to the quality of services they receive; their involvement in the planning of services; and decision-making in relation to the development of services. The project aimed to develop common tools and practice under the four ‘Quadrants’ of the Lundy Model to support engagement with children and young people in Sligo and Leitrim, by the organisations, agencies and groups they are part of. The resultant project, ‘Local Participation Practice Guidelines’ was developed and launched in 2018. The guideline as a resource, is broken down into age categories: Pre-school Aged Children 3 – 5 years; Primary School Aged Children 5 – 12 years; and Post Primary School Aged Children and Young People 12 – 18 years.