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Child and Youth Participation Toolkit – Tusla:

Recorded 21st July  2016

Child and Youth Participation Toolkit – Tusla


Author: Tusla-Child And Family Agency

Publisher: Tusla-Child And Family Agency

Date: 2016

Geographic Coverage: National

Type of Resource: Report

Sector/setting: Youth Work

Vulnerable groups: Children, Young People

Developed with children and young people? Yes

Type of participation: Unknown

Availability: Open Access

Keywords: Children’s Participation, Toolkit



This toolkit has been developed through a collaborative process involving a number of Tusla staff­ and managers, key stakeholders, community voluntary groups, and young people.

The purpose of this toolkit is to support Tusla – Child and Family Agency sta to facilitate child and youth participatory practice at every level of Tusla and in every engagement with a child or young person.

This toolkit offers a framework, and ways for Tusla to think about their practice beyond addressing specific social work, family support, education and/or community and voluntary practice. It is taking a broader perspective due to the diversity of needs within Tusla. Participants are advised to use the toolkit in support of their own professional skills and practice. The toolkit is not intended as development in intervention or therapeutic practice.