Children’s Understandings of Wellbeing

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Children’s Understandings of Wellbeing

Recorded: July 2016

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Author: Saoirse Nic Gabhainn and Jane Sixsmith

Publisher: National Children’s Office

Date: 2005

Geographic Coverage: Ireland

Type of Resource: Research (Non-Governmental Organisation)

Sector/setting: Government

Vulnerable groups: Children

Developed with children and young people? Yes

Type of participation: Consultation with children (e.g. surveys, consultative events or workshops)

Availability: Open Access

Keywords: Child, Children’s Strategy, Indicators, National, Voice, Well-being



The development of National Child Well-Being Indicators has been set out as a key action under the National Children’s Strategy (2000). This research aims to contribute to the development of National Child Well-Being Indicators. It is a sister piece of research to a Delphi Study being conducted by research staff within the National Children’s Office to achieve consensus on well-being indicators. The National Children’s Office agreed that it would not be appropriate to include children in the Delphi study and thus they called for tenders for a study on children’s understandings of well-being.
The approach chosen and developed is explicitly intended to be coherent with the overall goals of the National Children’s Strategy. The research described in this report is designed to give children a voice in the development of well-being indicators and in doing so, to provide data that will help children’s lives be better understood.