Minimum standards for consulting with children

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Minimum standards for consulting with children:

Recorded in July 2016

standards for consulting with children


Author: Inter-agency working group on children’s participation

Publisher: Plan International

Date: 2008

Geographic Coverage: International

Type of Resource: Report

Sector/setting: Other

Vulnerable groups: Children

Developed with children and young people? Yes

Type of participation:  Consultation with children (e.g. surveys, consultative events or workshops)

Availability: Open access

Keywords: Children Multi-agency, Consulting, Participatory Activities, Standards



These Minimum Standards on Consulting with Children (Minimum Standards) were developed as a multi-agency tool to facilitate and support the participation of children in formal consultations. They are based on a year-long pilot project of participatory act.

The aim of this booklet is to show how to put children’s participation into practice. It is aimed at everyone in roles of public leadership and service, answering questions about how and when children’s participation is needed.