‘Seeing Voices’ – Voice of the Child Project 2021

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‘Seeing Voices’ – Voice of the Child Project 2021

Recorded in 2022


Author: The Genesis Programme, CYPSC Louth, Louth County Childcare Committee

Publisher: Louth Leader Partnership

Date: 2022

Geographic Coverage: Worldwide

Type of Resource: Publication

Sector/setting: Early Years

Vulnerable groups: Children

Developed with children and young people? Yes

Type of participation: Training Initiative with Children and Educators

Availability: Open Access

Keywords: Childhood, Early years, Framework, Mosaic, Voice of the Child



The Voice of the Child project was initiated by The Genesis Programme under Louth LEADER Partnership’s ABC Programme and funded by Louth Children and Young People’s Services Committee (CYPSC). This quality intervention initiative had an overall aim of enhancing the participation and voice of the child in early childhood settings in County Louth in line with the Participation Framework.

The project had three main components. Firstly, the extent to which the voice of the child was prevalent in everyday practice in the participating services. This was achieved by carrying out and evaluating a baseline audit as a starting point for the intervention.

Secondly, a suite of training and mentoring – specifically aimed at enabling educators to recognise and interpret children’s participation and voice was provided. This included the introduction of ‘MOSAIC Educator’ – a professional educator app to record, support, and share children’s learning and development with parents.

Finally, learning and progress made as reported by participating early learning and care services was collated and presented in this report.