Structured Dialogue – Trio Presidency: Ireland-Lithuania-Greece

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Structured Dialogue – Trio Presidency: Ireland-Lithuania-Greece

Published in 01st August 2013

including young people not in education report


Author: National Youth Council of Ireland

Publisher: National Youth Council of Ireland

Date: 2013

Geographic Coverage: Europe

Type of Resource: Report

Sector/setting: Government

Vulnerable groups: Children, Young People

Developed with children and young people? Yes

Type of participation: Consultations With Children

Availability: Open Access

Keywords: Child, Young People, Communication, Inclusion



This report tells you what the Department of Children and Youth Affairs found out in consultations (interviews, meetings, workshops, surveys and events) about how young people who are out of education, work and training can be better included in society. ‘Being included in society’ means feeling like you are an important part of and involved in the world around you, for example, with your family and friends, in your school, area and clubs.

The consultations were part of a programme run across Europe called ‘Structured Dialogue’ which aims to let young people have a say in creating youth policies in the European Union (EU).

We spoke to young people, youth workers and experts (people who make policies and decisions in government, youth organisations and other organisations).