“Take My Hand” Young Peoples Experiences of Mental Health Services

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“Take My Hand” Young Peoples Experiences of Mental Health Services:

The report, “Take My Hand”, highlights young people’s experiences of, and perspectives on mental health services, based on their own journeys from community-based primary healthcare services through to inpatient treatment. The report gives a rare insight into the experiences of 25 young people aged 14-17 in five of Ireland’s six inpatient units for children and young people. The young people spoke about what has helped them in this journey, what they found challenging and what changes they feel are needed to improve mental health supports and services.

Recorded 21st July  2016

Young Peoples Experiences of Mental Health Services


Author: Ombudsman for Children Office

Publisher: Ombudsman for Children

Date: 2018

Geographic Coverage: National

Type of Resource: Report

Sector/setting: Government

Vulnerable groups: Young People

Developed with children and young people? Yes

Type of participation: Consultation

Availability: Open Access

Keywords: Consultation, Mental Health, Young People


The first point of contact for children and young people with mental health difficulties is generally primary care services. These services can include community psychologists, speech and language therapists, community occupational therapists and public health nurses. Children and young people may be referred onto General Practitioners (GPs) by other primary care professionals if this is deemed necessary, or families may contact GPs directly themselves. A recognised deficit in the supports currently available to children and young people at primary care level is mitigating against early intervention and leading to an increase in referrals to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)