Year: 2021

ISSU Student Council Handbook – an A-Z on All Things Student Council

This document has been created to meet the needs of student councils at all levels – from those starting from scratch, to those who wish to just improve their functioning, and those who have a proven track record of affecting change in their school community Created by students, we hope this is a useful resource for your student council and helps you to further student voice in your school community. Further resources, including action plans on specific issues, “off-the-shelf campaigns and student resources are available on the ISSU website.

Decolonising Concepts of Participation and Protection in Sensitive Research with Young People: Local Perspectives and Decolonial Strategies of Palestinian Research Advisors

Scholars in childhood research have been reconsidering whether the participation of children and young people in sensitive research is necessary. This paper questions whether some of these objections arise out of colonial attitudes towards childhood, young people, human rights, and research.